Football in the United Kingdom: Things You Need to Know as a Tourist

Football in the United Kingdom: Things You Need to Know as a Tourist

When it comes to English football, there is no place better than the UK to experience the sport. The best stadiums in the world, the highly competitive football clubs, and the craziest of fans; all reside on this island nation. 

Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a list of stadiums and football clubs to lead new and pro travelers in the right direction on their next visit to the UK. 

3 Best Stadiums to Watch Football in the UK

  1. Wembley

Wembley is the largest stadium in the UK, the second-largest in Europe, and one of the most iconic places to see as a tourist. 

Many consider this imposing stadium the “home of football,” which can house up to 90,000 spectators. It is home to England’s national football team and has also hosted two Champions League finals at the 2012 Olympics

  1. Old Trafford

Old Trafford is the home stadium of the red devils, officially known as the Manchester United Football Club. 

It is a classic stadium designed by Britain’s most famous football architect, Archibald Leitch. This makes it a sight to behold in terms of its design and the spirit it promises to the Manchester United fans. It can house up to 74,000 spectators and has been called “Theater of Dreams” by Sir Bobby Charlton.

  1. Anfield

Anfield is nothing less than God’s temple for the fans of Liverpool F.C. It has been home to the club since it was formed in 1892, and has held on to the culture, history, and spirit it had at its inception. 

It has a capacity of about 53,000 and stands for everything a fan of Liverpool F.C. believes in. The united chants of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” during the games can make any tourist feel goosebumps. 

Let us now look at some of the most famous football clubs in the UK. 

4 Most Famous Football Clubs in the UK

  1. Manchester United

Manchester United is the most valuable club in England, and the biggest and the best one as well. It has a long streak of success and legends, and the loyal fans will never replace it for another club.

  1. Liverpool 

The Reds have a massive fanbase in England, and for good reason. Apart from a rich history and a loyal community, this club has earned most European Trophies among English sides.

  1. Chelsea 

Chelsea F.C., also known as the Blues, have made their place in the UK’s football fandom. They have remained the strongest team for many years, overcoming rivals such as Arsenal and Tottenham. 

  1. Arsenal 

The status of Arsenal as one of the best UK football clubs can not be undermined. It happens to be England’s biggest club by trophy count and the only club to win the Premier League unbeaten. 

But what about the fans? Why are the football fans in the UK so talked about?

Football Fan Culture in the UK

The fan culture in the UK is known for heated rivalries, undying loyalties, rage, excitement, anger, and unshakable love for one’s club. All these emotions come into play during the games when some fans can be seen chanting their club’s slogans while others express themselves through violent and rowdy behavior. 

This culture and spirit represent how seriously the people of the UK people take football, and how different football clubs rule people’s hearts. For a tourist and the uninitiated, it is a sight to behold and an experience to have. 

Football in the United Kingdom: Things You Need to Know as a Tourist

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