4 Best Zoo In The United Kingdom

4 Best Zoo In The United Kingdom

Best Zoo in the UK

Most people think of famous singers/bands, sports like rugby, and even monuments like Stonehenge when the United Kingdom is mentioned. You wouldn’t be wrong; the United Kingdom has many offerings and is even the inventor of many sports like rugby, cricket, golf, and even lawn tennis. Often, zoos and the local animals housed there are not brought up in the same conversation as other famous United Kingdom attractions. However, there are many available zoos in this state to visit and see animals ranging from adorable to fierce. Below you will find the best zoos in the UK and which animals can be viewed at each.

Here we have 4 Best Zoo in the UK

Blackpool Zoo
Blackpool Zoo is a few miles away from Blackpool Golden Mile and nearby to Stanley Park. The area that Blackpool Zoo sits on was originally used as an airport before shifting to the Royal Lancashire Show and then eventually becoming the zoo it is today in 1972. There are many activities available at this zoo for the whole family, including a playground, ample shopping options, and of course a café to try out tasty food. There are even educational shows where you and your family can learn about different animals housed at the zoo.

Of course, the main attraction is seeing the different animals that call the zoo their home. Many different animals can be seen at this zoo. Stop by the Project Elephant Base Camp to meet Kate – a 49-year-old elephant, and her five other elephant companions. Swing by the Orangutan Outlook to see Ramon the orangutan. You can take a peek at many additional animals, including lions, tigers, flamingos, gorillas, and many others. There’s even a petting zoo where you can see ponies, donkeys, and pigs!

Woburn Safari Park
The next stop on the list is Woburn Safari Park. This park is housed on more than 360 acres of land and is located in Bedfordshire. Woburn is known for being a conservation center for wildlife that is endangered. This park has worked closely with animal breed protection for more than 100 years.
This safari park also boasts much in the form of family entertainment. Check out the miniature train, climb across the high ropes, and pedal around in a swan pedalboat.
This park is different from the other parks, zoos, and reserves in that it boasts both an animal viewing section that you can drive through and an animal section that you can walk through. Driving through the park, you’ll be sure to see Berlinga the monkey, Casper the Giraffe, and Mishka the tiger. On the foot safari, you will get to know Pepe, who is a Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, among many other animals like tree frogs!

Port Lympne Reserve
Driving into Port Lympne Reserve, you’ll notice some differences from the Woburn Park and Blackpool Zoo. This Reserve also includes a hotel for guests who are planning to stay longer to experience the area as much as possible. The Port Lympne Reserve is close to Hythe and sits on 600 acres of land. Families can check out the Dinosaur Forest, which provides educational information as you stroll through and see real, moving dinosaurs (virtually!).

This Reserve also offers safaris – though these can be taken as either a private group tour or a public group tour with a park ranger. On these safaris, you can see anything from ostriches to giraffes and black rhinos. Areas that can be traveled through by foot provide sites of many different endangered animals. Keep an eye out for spectacled bears, Javan langurs, and fossas.
This Reserve boasts 75 different animal species, so you’re sure to see new animals you haven’t seen before.

Bristol Zoo Gardens
Bristol Zoo Gardens is also known as the fifth oldest zoo having its first opening day in 1836. This zoo has a focus on conservation, research, and breeding programs. Bristol Zoo Gardens currently resides on 12 acres of land, with plans of expanding to a 136-acre area. This zoo is near to Clifton College.

This zoo offers up and close encounters with the animals. You and your family can be “keepers” for the day and can learn about animals close up while spending a full day with one of the animal keepers. You can also do meet and greets with fruit bats, lemurs, and meerkats.

For those seeking a look from further away, there are multiple animal exhibits. Check out the Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroos in the zoo – these kangaroos live in trees! Stop by the aquarium to see all of the different, brightly colored fish.

Whenever you’re in the area, don’t rule out the zoos, reserves, and parks nearby that are teeming with animals. All of the above have a focus on the conservation of animals. By supporting these locations, you’re supporting research and encouraging safe habitats for endangered animals. Stop by with your family and learn exciting facts about each animal as you walk (or drive) through the conservation spots.

4 Best Zoo in the UK

  1. Blackpool Zoo
  2. Woburn Safari Park
  3. Port Lympne Reserve
  4. Bristol Zoo Gardens

IMAGE: Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/nature-eyes-grey-fur-33149/



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